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After years of examining thousands of Mars rover images including mastcam, navigational and hazard camera imagery, we've come to the conclusion that intelligent life once existed on the red planet.  

Now that's quite an audacious declaration, especially considering NASA's official stance on the matter.    Regardless,  there is too much evidence in too many images to ignore.  For reasons unknown to us, we are not being told the truth:  NASA is using rovers to explore the ruins on Mars.

The Marsfam Project is here to help us sift through the heavily obfuscated rover imagery as we search for gems.  And there is indeed treasure in the ruins: Concrete reinforcement such as rebar and beams are evident, as are partially intact blocks.  Some images provide a sense of architectural motif.  There is even evidence of a written language.


Don't believe it?  Come And See.    

 ~ The Real Jimmy Roberts 1

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