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1452 Area of Evidence

Sols 1452 and 1454 offer up some great evidence of this destroyed civilization.  Even through the obfuscation, it is easy to see that these are not the shapes of rocks and boulders.  The stereoscopics were difficult as L and R mastcam images are not available; however, there was a way.  By combining mastcam and navcam imagery, we found very usable results.  Also, we use the mastcam angles from both SOLs to create limited 3D.  And we of course have the straightup navcam imagery.  

The unusual flashing on the images from different SOLs are due to two things:  Shadows cast in different directions thus appearing differently on the two SOLs, and obfuscation that was performed differently on each.   Enjoy!

Object Newest 1454.jpg
Stereoscopic Glasses Required
TIP:  Open an image.  Scroll by using < > buttons on Keyboard
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