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Almost anyone who takes the time to examine images sent back from Mars, especially from the rover Curiosity, knows something is wrong.   The obvious blurs, skews and overall obfuscation of the digital imagery is too easily explained away to us.  We are far too gullible and accepting.  The excuse of these images not being perfect is ludicrous.  It doesn't get more high-tech than Curiosity, and a machine costing $2.5 billion can and does send impeccable images back to Earth. 

What I am telling you now, is that we rarely see those pristine images.  But neither do the majority of people working within NASA and JPL. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)  These images are altered automatically by computer software designed to identify anything appearing artificial to the human mind.  But the software is designed by humans; therefore, it is not without flaw.  There are mistakes.  Things are missed.  

Below are some of those things...

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The Real Deal

On SOL 1033 (7-02-2015) the rover Curiosity took images of a 12-foot tall hill on the surface of Mars.   Ruins decorate the rise.   The objects seen here protrude at a height of less than one foot.    



Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

The larger object emerging from the Martian soil does have semblance of a boat.  But it's less than one foot in length.   What is it?  We don't know, but we do know what it isn't.  It's not a rock.


SOL 1355.   

From the same Martian SOL, or day, as the image above, this object is about 14 inches in length.   

38 MASS DESTRUCT  1355MR0065800280701301
what is it.jpg

A Civilization Lost

SOLS 1452 and 1454 offer a plethora of evidence scattered throughout and in larger pieces than seen in many of the other images.  Even with applied obfuscation, the largest object still has enough detail retained to make the most hard-headed skeptics take notice.  


Connect the Blocks

The south wall of an area called Dingo Gap has a lot of evidence to examine.   This block-like section, though, is special because of something very interesting protruding from one side.   


This is not a trick of light or other case of wishful thinking on our part.  We discovered more than one instance of this being caught on Curiosity's cameras, and assembled them in stereo form.  The stereoscopic 3D images prove that this is truly a fantastic find.   

harpoon f 2.jpg

Trouble with the Rubble

On Sol 1039 Curiosity's Rt Mastcam took images of the near surface.  Oddly, these images were treated with a very low level of obfuscation.  The difference in quality is easy to see.  And so are the crumbled masonry pieces. 

99 13 g 1039MR0045460410204377E01_DXXX m

Amongst that rubble we find a nice piece of shiny evidence that appears to be of something other than masonry.

metal 3.jpg

I Am The Walrus

This image from Curiosity actually made the online news because of the presence of an apparent bone.  Many think it's a femur belonging to a four-legged animal.   Some even say it closely resembles that of a walrus.  So, is it?  

Doesn't matter.





walrus 1.jpg

Because it can be argued forever to no avail.  And they know that.  But when you look at the rest of the image from SOL 0725, you'll noticed that much of what is scattered about is likely more than mere Martian rocks.  

The artifacts have endured tens of thousands of years both on and below the surface, and what hasn't been coated naturally has been obfuscated by the computer software.   This is why we insist that you look at the shapes and ignore the texture and color.   The latter cannot be trusted.  



walrus 3.jpg

The Masked Truthsader

We have made the seemingly profound comment on several occasions regarding specific images from Mars that, "Nothing in this image is a mere rock.  Nothing." 

We've been chided by many including loyal subscribers, and we've subsequently risked losing their following.

But the truth is the truth...

Thus the statement regarding those particular images remains intact.

See the object found in image taken on SOL 1448.  Most will disregard it as another mere rock, though the shape should not go unnoticed.  But there's something else...


The obfuscation software does a marvelous job in fooling us, but being created by mere humans means it isn't without flaw.

Here is an example of its imperfection.  This object is made of a shiny golden substance.  At least part of it is.

And the software failed to mask this small area.   There are too many examples of this to count, but in general people simply fall for it.

Below is a link to our video production regarding this object and more.

"Rover Deception"


Concrete Evidence

The area beyond Dingo Gap known as Moonlight Valley presents a lot of visual evidence.  And this 5-foot section of what appears to be of a molded, composite material is truly amazing.  

SOL 0538


Don't Be a Square!

Or a rectangle, or any other shape that should register within the human mind as being constructed by artificial means.  

Also SOL 0538

0538MR0021210160303440E01_DXXX 4.jpg

Just a Closer Look with Thee

On SOL 0958 Curiosity grabs this innocent shot of nothing but...  wait, hold on...

70 0958MR0042380000502304E01_DXXX

This won't be shown on any of the large news sites.  It is far too serious.  News sites are all about entertainment.  This is the real deal.  The Martian civilization was destroyed.   This should alarm you.  

70 0958MR0042380000502304E01_DXXX XYZ 2.

Lend Me a Hand... Valve

SOL 565

Curiosity took pictures of what at first appears to be just an innocent boulder.  Closer inspection suggests something else.   Top left and bottom right are what appear to be hand valves, both turned to the same orientation.  Just above right valve is a teardrop shaped dial or cam.  Bottom left we see exposed metallic material.  


This is a good example that demonstrates how the fallout and subsequent fossilization of Mars provided a natural camouflage to our eyes.  This makes the software obfuscation process much easier to apply to the imagery.   But perhaps by shear luck, these components were missed.  


Parts is Parts

SOL 1367  

Not only did the rover roll through and rough up the soil, exposing some metallic under-truth, it also took a nice shot of several solid segments of a fabricated assembly.


When examing this area you must know that the section in the middle measures only slightly more than 5 inches from the bottommost point to the top.  


Beating a Dead Horse

SOL 732 

.Though it may not be a horse, of course.  To say that it is, is hard to endorse.   However...    Two rows of what do look like the teeth of a herbivorous animal along with a jawbone sure help the case.  Is it a skull with a broken snout?   The two video links below provide detail including possible remains of a bridle.

Video>  Are They Bones or Not?

Video>  New Info on Animal Skull


And if it is actually a skull, does it have to be of a horse?  No.  In fact, we have newer evidence taken from navCam imagery that allows us size measurements.  Our calibrated Martian model has a nine-inch shoe. 


The length of this 'skull' object is about 8.9 inches or 23 cm.   


It's a Martian Thing

Curiosity took this image on SOL 0959 with its right mastcam.   Upon closer inspection of the background behind the pile of rubble and amongst strewn debris, is a shiney metallic object with at least two antennae-like appendages.

39 0959MR0042460000502388E01_DXXX wastel
39 0959MR0042460000502388E01_DXXX  2.jpg

There is more evidence in this image strewn about; however, notice the grayish 'Photoshop style' blotting especially in lower right object.  This is the work of the obfuscation software.  

39 0959MR0042460000502388E01_DXXX 3.jpg

More Than Meets the Eye

SOL 530 offered a lot of great visual evidence mixed with plenty of obfuscation.   Just enough of a cover so that most people would never look closely enough to notice the obvious.


Just Bizarre

Very near the perfectly shaped blocks and other components found in the above images, we find things just sitting around that... well, if bizarre ever needed a home on Mars this is it.

Both of these objects are less than 3 ft in length.


And don't miss this, found in extreme far right area of first image.   Sizing is comparable to a typical picture frame in your home.


Humpty Dumpty Sat On a Wall...

This right mastcam image from SOL1272 is a personal favorite.  A closer look suggests a mud flow that captured and carried debris.  The upper right portion contains the possible remnants of a downed structure. 


Upper right area of image suggesting the fallen components of an artificial structure.  


Contrast filter helps to expose what lies on the surface.  Can you see the 'writing' here?  


One Martian's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

On SOL 1037 Curiosity took various images of the nearby surface.  There is a lot to see, including this debris which includes an unusual folded piece appearing to be of a plastic texture.


Metal Stealth

Large chunk of metal hiding in plain site on SOL 50.

Notice the fold on the right side.    


Night of the Iguana

After looking at various angles of this image, we do not believe this is iguana statuary.  But we do think it is some type of decorative piece.  

But what about the other items strewn about?

SOL 0153


The Shambles

SOL 1448

Just look.

The Nuts & Bolts of it

Up close and personal:  The true nature of what is underneath that Martian soil...




SOL 1367


S is for Serpentry

From SOL 0153 notice the upper area we have selected with a lighter shade.  The surface is only a few meters from the rover Curiosity.


We extracted this area and applied a contrast

filter that enhanced what we were already seeing:

A distinct 'S" shape perhaps even resembling a serpent.

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