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May 10, 2021
In General UFO/Alien Stuff
This is what I am seeing on two of Jupiter's moons folks! This is some huge s*&^*! Ganymede has images of creatures, beings,, lights, perfect circles and a source of light with squares, faces, animals.. and all sorts of things. You will need a magnifier on both photos I am displaying. The other moon is Callisto. Now NASA would have us believing that these moons are frozen crust celestial bodies that may harbor life in a unfrozen ocean below it's surface.. Now do either one of them look frozen to you? I don't think so folks! You are being lied to once again! NASA even smears our faces in it and blurs the images just enough to see the evidence but not enough to make it look too obvious! Ok folks...Both of these photos are from NASA/JPL interactive celestial bodies of the solar system. I prefer to not say "Our" solar system. I am here to tell you that we are NOT the only ones inhabiting this remote area of a remote outer orphaned galaxy. If you upload and save these on your home pc or phone.. look at it for a few mins. Take a break...Come back to it a few hours later..or the next day if you have time. I guarantee that if you do this., each time you are going to experience an eye opening situation. Each time you are oging to see more and more and more and more objects, images, billboards, marquis, cities, lights, buildings...This moon IS A VIRTUAL BILLBOARD FOLKS! This world is screaming ...LOOK At MEEEEEE!. I got Texan goose bumps when I began to read this stuf.f...(Jim,,,,Is there such a thing as Texan Goosebumps)?
The frozen moons of Jupiter!  Uh huh! content media


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