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allan walker
Jun 23, 2021
In Mars 3D Imagery
Hey guys, I just joined up today. I was told about this forum from Dave from Mars, the evidence channel. I have some X3D on my channel too if you are interested. I have just started my channel again after it mysteriously was closed down by utube. I have been working hard to show what NASA are really up to. It is hard to believe that an agency so large are doing what they are doing, that is why I think it's very important that these scumbags are shown for what they really are. Don't get me wrong, I have so much respect for what they have achieved over the last 50 years but it would be nice that they share the real bounty with the rest of humanity. I have uploaded a few X3D images from SOL 105. My new upcoming episode, which should be available in the next week, will blow your mind. I will show you the original garbage from NASA. Then I will show you some color anomalies, then I will show you some specially processed mono images that will show you what is really on their fake landscape. Structures, anomalies, what the sand dunes really show and finally, I will show you how NASA are turning anomalies and ruined structures into rocks.
Hello from Allan from Mars the Second Genesis content media

allan walker

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